What will you do on summer vacation?


School Supplies

When school begins in August, each student will need many supplies. There will be 21 students per classroom in 3rd grade. If every students brings three packages of two glue sticks, how many glue sticks will the class have?

Bobcat Den

Bobcat Den is a very busy restaurant. On Friday, they served 186 customers and on Saturday they served 222 customers. Then on Sunday for lunch 97 customers were served. How many customers were served on the weekend?


At Childress Elementary, 318 students received their 100 AR points. On Thursday, 110 students went to Wonderland to celebrate. The remainder of the students attended Wonderland on Friday. How many students celebrated on Friday?

Family Dinner

The Moore family is having dinner at grandmother's house. Aunt Sue set up six tables that would sit eight people each. How many people would be attending the dinner?

Bar Graph

Using the information from the Summer Vacation Poll, how many events will the people who voted participate in?

Name the shape. How many faces does this shape have?



What is the name of this shape?

A. pentagon

B. hexagon

C. pentagonal prism

D. hexagonal prism


Chase and 7 friends ordered 2 pizzas. Each pizza was cut into 12 slices. The boys got an equal number of slices to eat. How many slices of pizza did each person get?


Paige had a roll of wrapping paper that was 235 inches long. She used 49 inches to wrap a toy. Then she used 69 inches to wrap a picture. What was the length of wrapping paper that Paige had left on the roll?



Janessa had 2 times more sides on her shape than Alexis. Alexis has 4 sides on her shape. How many sides are on Janessa's shape?